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Thank you for visiting!   

The sunny face painter is a mom, artist & expert... who has over a decade of experience, liability insurance, a Child Abuse History Clearance, a clear Criminal History Background Check & FBI Fingerprinting Clearance.

The calendar fills up quickly & months in advance
Avoid disappointment! 
Get your date & time reserved right away with a 50% non-refundable deposit
Last minute availability inquiries are welcomed!
​Bookings are held on a "first come, first served" basis.

All designs are hand painted... no stencils!  Per hour the designs average:
approx 8 moderate full faces
approx 13 half face designs
approx 20 quick gorgeous cheek/arm art

For a QUOTE please email sunnyfacepainting@ymail.com with your event info: 
face painting TIME  (2 hour minimum)
- ADDRESS of the event  (if you don't want to supply a home address please provide the 
   closest landmark or intersection)
- for private parties the approximate NUMBER of children
- any other important DETAILS about your fabulous event

    An inquiry... or
  "We want to book you"... or
  "Let me think about it"... or
  "Let me check with my partner / spouse / organizer / promoter"...
    DOES NOT IMPLY your date/time are reserved.

Your booking is only guaranteed with a 50% non-refundable deposit due immediately. The date & time remain open for other bookings until the non-refundable deposit is received.

A date & time cannot be held or "penciled in". ​
A rain date cannot be held without a non- refundable deposit.

If your event is cancelled or postponed for any reason or circumstance the deposit will not be refunded. This is because all other events wanting your date & time were turned away. The deposit CANNOT be used toward a future date. There are no exceptions. If the face painter should need to cancel every effort will be made to find a replacement painter. If a replacement painter cannot be found or you do not want one your deposit will be returned.

Please be sure to book enough time for everyone - including the grown ups!
The face painting design board for your party is based on the face painting time 
reserved & the number of guests provided at the time of the booking.
At almost every event grown ups come over at the face painting end time wanting
a matching design of their child... or a rock star or wrestler design. Unfortunately the face painter will have to turn them away if the face painting time has ended. If the face painter can stay longer & you agree... you will be charged in 30 minute increments. If you choose only to have the children painted at your party please let the grown ups know ahead of time!  

At your event the face painter will need:

- CHILD SUPERVISION at the face painting table. The behavior & safety of
  children is the client’s and/or parent's responsibility.
-  INDOOR SET UP is preferred (if possible) and...  with all the excitement it is
   always best to have the face painter set up  away from the party crowd.
- STANDARD SIZE TABLE (no smaller than a card table)
        ** For sanitary & safety reasons the face painting table cannot be combined with the
             food/drink/dessert/dining/crafts/gift table/vendor/another entertainer.
- 2 average height CHAIRS (with strong back and seat... the following cannot be used:     child size furniture, coffee table, tray table, folding camping chairs, tall chairs, lawn
The remaining balance upon my arrival 

AT FAIRS, CARNIVALS, COMMUNITY DAYS or SCHOOL EVENTS the sunny face painter is usually one of the most popular activities so in addition to the above the face painter will also need an approximate 10 x 10 area This space will accommodate the line, strollers, families, foot traffic, elbowroom, the standard size table & 2 chairs. ​A volunteer would be helpful to stay throughout the entire face painting time to assist with crowd controlkeeping the line in order behind the highly anticipated painting chair & most importantly...so you are not charged for extra time  THE VOLUNTEER will need to END THE LINE,
                                "just one more"... for ANY reason.
This makes it unfair to folks that waited in line,  folks that were turned away already & also unfair to the face painter who is only booked until a certain time. As much as the face painter would love to stay sometimes there is another gig after yours... OR the face painter may be tired from painting non stop for hours... OR the face painter has to get home to her own family. If the face painter can stay longer & you agree... you will be charged in 30 minute increments. 

At the face painting table a  "menu board" of designs will be displayed for the guests to choose from. To accommodate larger groups quick but gorgeous cheek art can be done. Face painting is offered ONE PER CHILD.

Hosting a fundraiser, non-profit affair or charity event...?  
I am more than happy to collaborate with your organization in a mutually beneficial manner. Although face painting cannot be provided free of cost the most popular ways to finance the face painting are:

Get a SPONSOR! Have the face painting fee paid by a family, employer, group 
or a local business (such as an insurance agent, bank, realtor, medical/dental office)... in exchange for a sign with their business name at the event.

PROVIDE A DONATION JAR... which will defray or may be even cover the cost.

Lets team up & make your extravaganza over the top!
Please send an email to sunnyfacepainting@ymail.com with your event info! 
Thank you!!!

Tips are not included... tips are not required... but they sure are appreciated!