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Thank you for your interest! 
The calendar fills up quickly... BOOK EARLY!

Please note that bookings are a minimum of 2 hours and held on a 
"first come - first served basis".

All designs are hand painted... no stencils!   Per hour the designs average:
approx 8 moderate full faces
approx 13 half face designs
approx 20 quick gorgeous cheek/arm art 

For a quote please send an email to sunnyfacepainting@ymail.com.
Please supply your event ADDRESS,  DATE,  TIME& the NUMBER of children
(for private parties). If you don't want to supply a home address please provide the closest landmark or intersection. A quote cannot be given with just a town name.
Requesting a quote or information does not imply your event/date/time is held.

Once your date and time are reserved a 50% non-refundable deposit is required immediately. Payment instructions will be provided once your reservation is made. Your reservation is not guaranteed until the deposit is received. Unfortunately, if your deposit is not received your date & time are forfeited to the next person. The balance is due upon the arrival of the face painter at your event.

A date cannot be reserved without a time. ​
A date and time cannot be "penciled in".​ 
A rain date cannot be held without a deposit.

Please be sure to book enough time for everyone -including the grown ups! They like to have fun too! If you choose only to have the children painted at your event please let the grown ups know! If you would like the face painter to stay longer & if my schedule allows, I may be able to stay longer. You will be charged in half hour increments. 

If your event is cancelled or postponed for any reason or circumstance the deposit will NOT be refundedThis is because all other events wanting your date & time were turned away.  The deposit CANNOT be used toward a future date. There are no exceptions. If the face painter should need to cancel every effort will be made to find a replacement painter. If a replacement painter cannot be found or you do not want one your deposit will be returned.

At your event the face painter will need:

(preferably indoors) that is for face painting only.  Due to sanitary & safety reasons this table cannot be shared with other party/event activities such as another entertainer, crafts, food, dessert table or dining table. 
child size furniture, coffee table, tray table or tall chairs cannot be used *
(if outside... please consider the time of day & sun location to ensure there will be shade throughout the entire face painting time... "under a tree" may not mean there is shade) 
PARTY ATTENDEE at private parties would be helpful to manage & oversee the excitement around the face painting table. Party hosts find it helpful to hand out numbers to the children before the face painter arrives so the children aren't waiting in line for face painting & missing other planned party festivities.

AT LARGE EVENTS SUCH AS COMMUNITY DAYS, SCHOOL RALLIES, CARNIVALS &  FAIRS the sunny face painter is usually one of the more popular activities so
in addition to the above the following will be required:

APPROXIMATE 10 X 10 AREA DESIGNATED FOR FACE PAINTING ONLY. This spacious safety zone provides many generous leeways for the face painting line, families, strollers, foot traffic; it allows elbow room & breathing space for the child & face painter.
A VOLUNTEER that stays throughout the entire event to assist keeping the line in order and most importantly ...(so you are not charged for extra time) 
THE VOLUNTEER will need to
"just one more"... for ANY reason.
(this makes it unfair to folks that waited in line,  folks that were turned away already & also unfair to the face painter who is only booked until a certain time.
As much as the face painter would love to stay sometimes there is another gig after yours... OR the face painter may be tired from painting non stop for hours... OR the face painter has to get home to her own family).

At the face painting table a  "menu" board of designs will be displayed for the guests to choose from. To accommodate larger groups quick but gorgeous cheek art can be done. Face painting is offered ONE PER CHILD.

I am unable to provide face painting free of cost for any event or organization
(non-profit or profit) but I am more than happy to collaborate with your organization in a mutually beneficial manner.  
The following are the most popular & effective ways used to recoup fees at events:
* sponsorship (have the face painting fee paid for by a group, school, family or
   local business such as a restaurant, realtor, bank...)
* sell tickets
* provide a donation jar at the face painting table & all the contributions would go
   to your organization
Please contact me so we can discuss your needs!
Be good to your guests & attendees... treat them to the BEST! 

Tips are not included... tips are not required... but they sure are appreciated!